300 Heroes Mobile, Real MOBA For Anime Fans

300 Heroes


For those of you who have at least followed the development of the MOBA game for the past few years. Surely you already know the MOBA, entitled 300 Heroes? A “controversial” MOBA released in 2013. Now, the game has a mobile version!

300 Heroes are now available for Android and iOS. His various characters are fairly original made by the developer. Given, for the PC version of the game there are many characters that are similar to famous anime characters that are not known to have a license or not. It seems they have learned a lot from previous mistakes. If you are really intereste in playing it, you can download it directly through TapTap.

300 Heroes are MOBA (Massively Online Battle Arena) from China. Gameplay offered is not too different from MOBA for mobile in general. However, his style is very typical of Japanese anime. His graphics are also very good and comfortable in the eyes. The drawback is that they only use Chinese, including the characters.

300 Heroes 300 Heroes





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