‘Apex Legends’ Solo Mode is likely to present Titan in it

Apex Legends


For those of you who are at least following the development of video games lately. Definitely know very well one of the popular battle-royale games made by Respawn Entertainment – Apex Legends? At the very least, the game managed to attract 10 million players in just 3 days, you know.

Until now the game still has not made a major update such as adding a new map or new mode for example. Current fashion rumors are getting tighter, reported from Tweaktown. A data miner found a source code in the Apex Legends file that uses many words “Titan”. The file is probably a test mode for developers who will later be implement for solo mode.

Regarding the gameplay concept, Apex Legends “hasn’t” involves fighting between Titan mecha. But it focuses more on the actions of each player who has super mobility (like being able to run on the wall and jumping high). Because it was develope in a short time and the fact that this game will be released for free, Apex Legends is not present with many new innovations.

The reception obtained by the Titanfall franchise was initially very positive and showed brilliant potential. But because of the breakup of cooperation between the developer and Activision. Unfortunately Titanfall’s popularity declined and began to lose its active player base. Apex Legends might be a savior, because in addition to carrying out the Battle Royale genre that is currently booming. The game will also be provided free of charge to all players.

You can download Apex Legends by yourself and play it for free through PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and also a PC through Origin.






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