[Arena Of Valor] Beautiful and Deadly! This is Sexy Cosplay Violet!

Arena Of Valor


Arena Of Valor – Violet is one of the AoV heroes who has extraordinary advantages and makes it a nightmare for the hero who met him. As an AD Carry with high mobility and explosive damage, he is a famous vampire hunter after successfully chasing Princes. Intrigued by the cosplayer? Come visit the fanpage directly here.

Arena Of Valor Arena Of Valor Arena Of Valor Arena Of Valor


Arena of Valor is a game develope by Tencent Games, presenting high-quality graphics. Fast gameplay and unique heroes that enliven the 5v5 arena with unique moves and roles. The battle will take place in a map consisting of three lines, namely top, middle and bottom where each line will be guarded by several towers (tower defense). Well, the winner in this game is the team that managed to destroy enemy bases first.





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