‘Ecchi’ Game Freezing Extension Releases for Mobile, Here’s How to Download it!

Freezing Extension


As an anime fan, you certainly know the Freezing series. That is famous for its various “sexy” characters and the ecchi genre it offers.quite successful releases in South Korea and many requests from fans in Japan. Finally Freezing Extension has been release in Japan for Android and iOS.


Because it’s just been release in Japan and South Korea, of course this games can’t download via Google Play. To taste it, you can download Freezing Extension through QooApp and don’t need a VPN to play it.



Like the series, Freezing Extension has sexy characters with gameplay in the style of Turn-based RPG. Players will be able to have conversations with popular characters from the series to increase intimacy with each other. If the level of intimacy has been fulfill, the player can open a sub-plot of the female character to get deeper about the character’s background.


RPGs that adopt Japanese anime style are well know for their sexiness, including Freezing Extension. The mobile game was developed by Trinity Games and it was confirm that the game was made based on the famous Freezing anime series some time ago.


Freezing Extension





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