‘God Eater 3’ Introduce Burst Plugin & Installing Skill System

God Eater 3



Bandai Namco has released the latest information from “God Eater 3.” This information details the new system called Burst Plugin and Installing Skill.


In God Eater 3, as a system that allows you to modify fighting skills, Burst Plugins that extend Burst’s capabilities from God Arc and Installing Skill that enhance the basic performance of God Arc have added.


Burst Plugin

This is an expansion system that gives extra effect when in Burst condition. You can add unique upgrades to each part of God Arc, both weapons, rifles, and shields.


God Eater 3


Examples of Burst Plugins are:

  • Preemptive Attack: Increases attack power in Burst condition.
  • High Torque: Reduce ST consumption for every action in Burst condition.
  • Wall: Reduces damage received in Burst condition.


Installing Skill

A system that improves the basic performance of God Arc by installing skill in the slot for each part of God Arc. Skill can be install using Abandoned God Arc that you get as a reward when completing the mission.



Examples of Installing Skill are:

  • Health: Increase maximum HP.
  • Slash User: Increases the strength of slash attacks from weapons.
  • User Items: Increase the speed of using portable items.

God Eater 3 will release worldwide for PlayStation 4 and PC, but Bandai Namco not announce schedule yet.


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