Inhuman Academy, Official Mica Anime NetEase Released!

Inhuman Academy


At present, MOBA is indeed quite well-protected by gamers around the world, including Indonesia. Not only in PCs, games that competitive genre is also increasingly widespread in mobile devices. As a developer and publisher who likes to release games that are trending, NetEase doesn’t seem to want to miss.



Quite successful with the beta phase held from June to the end of July, finally NetEase has officially released Inhuman Academy for Android and iOS. Gamers don’t have to bother downloading through TapTap, because now you can download this directly via QooApp which is easier.


Inhuman Academy has a MOBA genre with an anime style bandage on offer. If you are in the style of anime, it is certainly more stable if the voice character is also fill with artists from Japan. Well, the game will also involve Japanese voice actors. One of whom is Natsuki Hanae who voices Kaneki in the Tokyo Ghoul anime.


Inhuman Academy


One unique feature that stands out from NetEase’s MOBA is that each character can do an evolution or the term “awaken” when it reaches a certain level. On the other hand, your character can also get unique skills by joining the monsters in the forest. The rest, Inhuman Academy has the same mechanism as MOBA in general. With 5v5 battles which aim to destroy the opponent’s fortress.


Unfortunately, NetEase has no plans to release it globally. But if it is crow, they will not hesitate to release it globally like their previous best-selling games.



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