SoulCalibur VI Finally Gets ‘Naked Mod’

SoulCalibur VI


SoulCalibur is a fighting game that pits weapons experts to get the strongest sword in the world, namely SoulCalibur. Since it was first released on PlayStation with the title Soul Edge, the game has gotten a lot of attention from gamers with its unique and different fighting system than fighting games in general.

The latest? SoulCalibur VI which was officially released on October 19 yesterday. One feature that has shocked netizens is the character creation feature where players can freely create. But as a PC gamer, there must be many who ask, when is “nude mod” present at SoulCalibur VI? Well, Sakura4 modder has granted the request of PC gamers.

SoulCalibur VI

Through the “nude mod” that he made, the players can implement the “feature” on the original character or character made by the player itself. For now, the male and female versions are still separated. On the other hand, these mods only appear to apply to users on the PC, but don’t appear together when playing online. So this is recommended only for those who want to have fun offline.

To use it, you can directly search for the mod via NexusMods. SoulCalibur VI itself is available on PC via Steam, PlayStation 4, and also the Xbox One.





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