Too Sensual? ‘Hot Spring’ DLC One Piece : World Seeker Not Release in America

DLC One Piece : World Seeker


Sensual content in a video game can be likened to a sweet and bitter gift. Some gamers certainly like the little fanservice elements that can spoil their eyes, but others can give negative responses.

This is the reason why digital platforms in some countries limit access to some games that contain elements of nudity in them. Cases like this have happened a lot, and some of them even seem excessive.

Examples such as One Piece: World Seeker who get additional content in the form of DLC “The Phantom Remedy.” This DLC in the form of a side mission offers a Hot Spring scene that spoils the eyes.

Where gamers will be presented with Nami, Robin and Tashigi’s forms which are tempting in bikini clothes. Gamers in the Asian and European regions can enjoy this additional content freely. But unfortunately the same thing does not apply in the United States.

Based on the latest information from Bandai Namco Entertainment America. They confirmed that the Phantom Remedy DLC would not be released in their area. Is it because the content is considered too sensual? or because of other factors? clearly they did not provide clear reasons for making such decisions.

For those of you who are curious about the game. One Piece: World Seeker has been officially released and you can play it on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.





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